Convert docx, dotx, sxw, odt to RTF and PDF

The bad thing from the new file formats of Office 2007 (docx, dotx) is their incompatibilities with other word processors. Consequently, someone is required to have this application to open these formats. This what makes a program like Docx2RTF is created.

Docx2RTF enables you to save Office 2007 files in RTF and/or PDF. However, saving or converting is not an obligatory to be able to read these files. The pages extracted are displayed by page layout so the user can read the texts without having to do the conversion. They can be read while the extraction process is running,

If you prefer to do the conversion, note that at this time the program isn't able to extract the whole content formats (e.g. tables). Even if it can, you still won't be able to have the exact same content format when the file is converted into RTF. In this case, the cause is originally the limitation of the RTF format itself.

Realizing the facts that there are many users use Open Office, which also has incompatibility problem with other similar applications, Docx2RTF can also convert the documents created by this program (sxw, odt) into RTF and PDF.

The complete file formats it supports are:
  • Office 2007 files (docx, dotx)
  • Open Office files (sxw, odt)
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • files stored in the PalmOS Database (pdb)
  • Aportis files (prc)
Docx2RTF is free, portable, and compatible with any Windows.

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