Convert Web Page To PDF With Active Links

Converting a web page into pdf document now can easily be done without using any software, thanks to the free service of htm2pdf. It is designed to convert any URL address or html codes of the web page you enter into the service's main page to PDF as fast as possible.

Beside allowing you to make all present links active or clickable, it is also possible to include or exclude any flash movie in the conversion. If you are satisfied with the output and plan to use it often, it provides a bookmarklet so you can convert as many as you want without visiting the site.

In short, three steps only to complete all the process:
  1. Paste the URL of the web page, or the HTML codes, you want to convert to PDF.
  2. Decide whether to include or remove the flash movies contained within the web page in the output, and choose whether you want to make all links active or convert them merely as text.
  3. Press the button "Convert to PDF" and wait for the result which is normally finished in a few seconds.

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