Disable/Enable "Open With" Items In Windows Explorer

The standard "open with" menu that appears when we right-click a file in Windows explorer displays a list of some of the recent applications used to open the file. When the program needed isn't on the list, we open the "open with" main window and select the program manually. The problem with the standard main window is that we can't select which ones should be displayed or hidden. This may make you a little harder and longer in finding the one actually needed if the window displays too much programs within.

OpenWithView enables you to manage the programs listed in the window, whether you want to display or remove. It doesn't need installation, and the disable/enable task is just a matter of a single click. The removal and the restoration of a program's visibility also affects the "open with" section in the right-clik menu, not just inside its main window.

It is free, portable, and supports Windows XP/2003/Vista.

Another similar program having more flexibility is Open Expert. You need to install it, however.

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