Display Time And Date On Windows Taskbar

The current time is displayed at the right corner of the taskbar notification area by default, while the current date can be seen by hovering mouse over the clock. What Timekeeper does is simple, actually. It enables you to display both time and date, or either one of them, on the Windows taskbar. What makes it worth to download for, as a program specifically designed for the task, it offers a lot more flexibilities in terms of how the time and date should be displayed.

You can visually adjust the font, color of the font, and add colored or transparent background. There is a set of predefined time and date formats ready to choose like whether the name of the current month should be displayed in its full name or abbreviated. You can even create your own format style from scratch easily (see the screenshot below for my own format).

You can add, remove, and/or move any element of the time and date. Custom texts and characters are also possible to be added. In short, you can do almost anything with the display style. Simple but fully customizable. Excellent. Recommended.

The system required is Windows Vista, XP Home and Professional, 2000, Me, or 98.

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