Extract Audio (MP3) - Video (AVI) Files From Flash Video (FLV) Files

It is relatively fast. I tried this program on eleven of my FLV files with a total size of 42.9MB , and it extracted both the audios and videos from them within.. I believe it was less than five seconds. Yes, FLV Extract can do the extraction from multiple files, too. You simply select the files, then drag and drop them into the program's window, and wait for the result in the same folder in which the original files are located.

There is no need to do any decompressing or recompressing. The files are extracted automatically in their original formats. The video is saved as AVI and audio as MP3.

FLV Extract is a free program for Windows and doesn't require installation. Just unzip and click the executable file to run it. However, you need NET Framework 2.0 to make it works.

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, March 18, 2008 At 9:27 AM - Permalink
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