Free Asterisk Password Revealer

What if you want to reveal the real password hidden behind a sequence of asterisk characters? Replace the asterisks with the real text? The most practical solution is to use Asterisk Logger.

The great thing from Asterisk Logger is that, besides being portable and tiny in size, it automatically converts the asterisks directly inside the password box without having to press any button. The password revealed is, then, recorded in the password list of the Asterisk Logger along with some additional information. If necessary, the list can be saved into text or HTML file. However, though it works fine with most password boxes, not all applications are supported. You should read the limitations to get more information about it.

Asterisk Logger is a freeware, but can only be used for non-commercial and personal only. The OS supported are Windows ME/9x/2000/XP. For Windows NT user, you can use this program properly only if you follow the written instruction (it is only a matter of downloading a piece of dll file, actually).

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