Free File Indexer and Finder For Windows

Find your files fast using keyword-based searches, index and re-indexing files in selected drives and folder in the way you want, and perform a number of useful things once you find your needed files. Those what DK Finder promises besides the claim of the creator that you'll be impressed of the searching speed. Beside file names, you can search for keywords contained within the files found.

At the first time using this program you can use the full-indexing to completely have all your files in the list. However, in updating the index it is suggested that you should use the smart re-indexing when there isn't any major change to your files. It works faster.

In performing a searching task, you're allowed to limit the result based on the file date, the number of the files found, case sensitive, and/or by excluding shortcut. You can also narrow it furthermore based on certain texts inside the file contents and/or inside the file names.

To help you from getting "ghost" files (files that still appears in the list while no longer exist in the original directory) in the searching output, you can choose to automatically verify each file found. Don't forget to also use the keyboard shortcuts to make everything done a litte bit faster.

DK Finder is a freeware and supports Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003.

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