Free Video Capture Program - Convert Video to JPEG

It is definitely the hassle-free program to extract images as JPG from a video file for Windows user. Pick the video, select the destination folder to save the conversion result, choose whether you want to capture images for every X frames (10 - 1000 frames) or every X seconds (1 - 20 seconds) or simply every existing frame, click the Save button and you're done.

This program, Free Video to JPG Converter, also lets you to get images from either all or only selected parts of the video. There is option to take manual captures as well.

So far I like it, though it lacks the ability to specify the quality nor the dimension size of the captured images. Unfortunately, it bundles another additional program in its installation package called Free Studio Manager. I just knew this after I installed it.

Another thing I wish the developer removed it away is the tiny dialog box that pops up every time you start this program, telling you the current version you have and reminding you to check for an update. Again, no option for removing this automatic notification.

What video formats it supports? There isn't any information about it when I browse the program's page. Where is the information? I don't know. I just don't want to crawl to every existing page to look for something that should be easily found.

However, it is indeed very easy to do the conversion task.

Windows Software Buzz, Wednesday, March 12, 2008 At 9:03 AM - Permalink
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