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Most of you have probably already known that Windows is only able to save one item in its clipboard. What you're copying into the clipboard at present removed the previously copied item. This may not be a problematic condiition for general computer user, but for those who very frequently type or insert same texts into documents the possibility to have an extender or an advanced version of clipboard tool is probably a demand. This is where the free ClipX can play a big help for you.

ClipX can keep up to 1024 clips of texts and images, all of which can be edited or deleted. There are two ways to paste an item: by left-clicking the icon residing in the tray or pressing a customizable hotkey. After the list is shown up, select the needed item to be pasted. Very practical.

There are other helpful features, too. Resizing the width of the clipboard list, ignoring either the text or image clipboard entries, deciding how many entries should be kept (4 - 1024 entries), etc. If you need more, a number of plugins are available for free at the maker's website. The popular one is Stickies, which allows you to make some entries become permanent within its clip storage. It means they never be deleted automatically when the temporary storage reaches your defined limit.

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