Hide Multiple Windows At Once With A Hotkey

While Hide It! lets you to have a specific hotkey for hiding a specific window, Boss! makes you possible to hide/unhide only some of the opened windows, or all, with a single configurable keystroke. The default hotkey to hide is Esc, while to unhide is Shift + Esc.

This utility doesn't only allow you to hide a window based on the name of the running program, but also based on its title. Suppose that you have two RTF different files opened. You can hide either only one of them (based on the title), or both at once (based on the name of the program, or the Class name).

Boss! is a freeware, and doesn't require installation if you choose to download the compressed version (portable). It works on Windows (no detailed information on this). If you have several programs that you need to hide immediately when someone comes to watch, I recommend you to use it as it is very lightweight, fast, and doesn't eat up your memory resources (around 1MB).

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