Kodak, Cokin, & Hoya Color Photo Filters

There are more than 100 filters of Kodak, Cokin, and Hoya bundled inside this program. They're all free. The usage is easy, too. Load your photo, select one filter, press the button, and the result is displayed in the preview screen side by side with the original one. It is called Opanda PhotoFilter.

To help you in getting the effect needed, it also allows you to configure the density of the filter before it is applied as well as an option to activate the auto luminosity compensation. The photo in the preview screen can be zoomed, and it can be saved in jpeg, tiff, or bmp format.

Too bad you can only apply a single filter into a photo. I guess it will be more interesting and useful if it has ability to combine the filters selected. Still, this is a very good program that offers simplicity for users to know which the best filter is for a photo. Besides, it is completely free. No registration, and the small ad screen within the program can be hidden easily.

Though it is designed for Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista, the themes are the Mac's looks (Aqua and Panther).

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