The Methods to Rename Multiple Files and Folders At Once

This post will show you the several methods of renaming multiple files/folders at once (only a few or even hundreds) using the built-in function of Windows. It means you never have to install anything. There is no special trick. However, you may find a way that you have never known before that it is possible to do so.

The Selection Operation

While selecting a file/folder, press the Ctrl key. It will allow you to select more than one. You can select any file/folder as long as they're located in the same place.

Or, if the files/folders happen to be located side by side vertically, use the Shift key. This method enables you to select multiple files/folders at once without having to click one by one as the first method.

Example: Click file A, then click file F using the Shift key. Result, all files between file A and F will also be automatically highlighted besides they themselves.

Another way to select several files/folders is by simply using your mouse. This method, actually, gives the same effect as the second method above. What makes it different is the efficiency. While the Shift key method is very efficient to reach other files/folder in the hidden part of the screen (the unscrolled screen), this one is the most efficient way to rename only files/folders displayed on the "shown" screen.

Example: Move your mouse cursor near the files/folders and click the right button of your mouse and hold (click the empty area, not on the files/folders). Drag it until all the files/folders selected.

I bet many of you have already known how to select the whole files/folders. Yes, squeeze the Ctrl + A combination.


After done with your selection, now you can right-click the selected items and choose the rename command to start the renaming. Press Enter afterwards, and all of the selected ones will be automatically renamed.

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