Open, View, and Edit PSD Files Without Adobe Photoshop

Unlike the previous freeware which can only open and convert psd to jpg, this free program allows you to open, view, and perform some standard editing to psd files, and you aren't required to have the expensive or load the heavy Adobe Photoshop to do all of these. It even enables you to convert psd to lots of other image formats (BMP, GIF, PNG, RAW, TIFF, PCX, WMF, etc.).

The interface is divided into two simple panels: the preview screen, and the information panel where you can view some information about the image such as EXIF and IPTC. Don't try to find the configuration and editing tools inside the window because they are visible only by right-clicking the image displayed.

Several of things you can do with the configuration option:
  • how should an image be rendered in the preview
  • specify timeout for the slideshow view
  • enable notification of read and image error together with if there is a missing plugin
  • configuring hotkeys for some of the program's operation
It also lets you apply some limited editing such as brigthness, contrast, sharpen, changing image color depth, rotate, etc. Beside psd files, there are around other 79 image types supported, from the common to the rare ones, which may make you surprised when you take a look at the list. This is the program you probably demand for when you are dealing with an image format that isn't supported by most of other image viewers. It is called MyViewPad and works under Windows.

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