Prevent File and Folder Deletion Caused By Users And Virus

Looking at the features offered, System Protect clearly positions itself as a specific program to block any attempt to make any change on files/folders/programs (no matter it is by a virus attack, other user's carelessness, or even yourself). It automatically locks the files that are important for your system stability, and optionally you can select your own files/folders/programs to be protected.

Your files will still be able to be opened by other users. They're only being protected from any possible unauthorized modification. When someone or a program tries to delete, rename, move, or modify a protected item, the action will be blocked. Depending on your setting, the user can get an automatic notification or the action is silently denied.

The program uses password to prevent unauthorized users change its configurations. And to maintain the effectiveness of its protection, there is an option to download all of its updates automatically.

This program is very good for people who want to keep their files visibility and accessibility for other users while blocking any modification so the files remain intact. It is free for personal and commercial use, and supports Windows.

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