Put Notes With Alarm Clock On Windows Desktop

It is a program that does much more than just simply placing a simple note on desktop. It lets you to create sticky notes with a customizable alarm reminder, checklists of tasks, and freehand scribble notes. These are combined with the look's personalization, the notes management, and some other configurations like hotkey associations to some of its actions. It's called hott notes.

The interface is quite pleasant by default, but you can customize some of the appearances to be more personalized such as fonts, transparency level, shadow, size, and animation effects. There are several ways to reduce the clutters if there are too many notes on desktop. Notes on desktop can be shaded to show only the title bars, arranged manually to be placed side by side, or hidden for all or selected notes only with a hotkey.

For notes that are no longer needed, you can archive or delete them. Automatic backup and auto save are offered as well to preserve the data. All the existing notes can be managed in the notes management panel, which is called Notebook. It is one of the recommended sticky notes program to be used regularly. Free and support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

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