Rename Multiple Files and Folders With Advanced Configurations

If you just want to know some standard ways to rename multiple files and folders in explorer, then I suggest you to read this how-to. But if you're dealing with too many of them, and you want some advanced features the standard renaming operation doesn't have, then this tool will probably satisfy you.

It is called Rename Master. A freeware enabling you to add, remove, and replace some or all characters of the name or extension. Additionaly, the case can be changed as well (lowercase, uppercase, capitalize words and sentence). The renaming operation can even be based on more criterias such as file size and date.

The preview feature lets you to know exactly how your file name will look like be before you apply any changes. The modified and original file name are displayed side by side to easily notice the differences. If you often perform the same renaming operation, all the changes you've set can be saved as a script to be reused anytime you like.

This program also allows you to integrate it to the right-click menu of explorer. However, it is portable, so there is no need to install anything to make it works.

The developer states that it should work on any Windows OS.

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