Show Folder Size Column In Windows Explorer

Folder Size is a freeware that displays folder size column in Windows explorer. After installed, right-click the column title bar and select the Folder Size column from the list, and the size of each folder can be viewed immediately. You don't have to restart to make it works.

However, you should think twice before deciding to activate the column for a folder that has many files with huge size. The column is shown without delay, but it keeps counting the size a little bit longer. The counting, luckily, takes place only once (when the column is displayed the first time). After that it stops the calculate unless another new files or folders are added inside.

Another benefit of showing the column is that you can remove the standard Size column. Although the name is Folder Size, it also displays the file size.

Beside the column, the program also provides additional columns such as File Children, Folder Children, and All Children. The first and second shows the number of files within a folder, the second for the children folders, and the last is to let you know the total number of files and folders children inside a folder (see the screenshot).

As an additional information, it consumes more than 3MB for the resource.

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