Convert PDF to JPG, BMP, PNG For iPhone With Ebook to Images

The idea of this freeware Ebook to Images is to convert ebook in any common format (pdf, txt, html, htm, doc, lit) into images (JPG, BMP, PNG) so it can be read on portable devices such as iPhone, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, or other MP3 Players that don't support ebook reading but can view images.

Load your pdf, adjust the screen resolution, modify the font, add page number, enable anti-aliasing, use your own bakcground if you want to, change the orientation, rotate, and do the convert whenever everything has been already set up.

Converting pdf into images will reasonably result larger size than the actual pdf due to the number of the images produced. In this case it may be better to convert it into jpg rather than into other formats since it allows you to adjust the quality of the output, thereby reducing the size.

Ebook to Images is compatible with Windows, but requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

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