Convert RTF to PDF, Excel (XLS), JPG, HTML, PNG, BMP, or SVG

RTF Convertor is a free program letting you to convert multiple or single .rtf to .pdf, .xls, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .svg, .html, lotus, and QuattroPro. It throws in some interesting options such as ability to assign a unique hotkey for each different conversion task, perform basic editing to the rtf document in single mode, splitted panel in single mode for conversion to html, flexible print preview, and possibility to customize the conversion result for all extensions.

Its flexible hotkey association makes you able to convert rtf to any of the supported formats easier. You can, for example, assign Alt + 1 to convert rtf to pdf, or Ctrl + M to convert to xls. Another option is to set a default format so when the convert button is pressed the program automatically converts the document to the pre-defined format.

If you, for instance, decide to convert it to pdf, and you activate the option "Show Advanced Setup Dialog on Export" previously, you can do some adjustments: make every link in the pdf active, which pages to be converted, which items to be rendered (text, image, shape), embed some information, compress the size, lock with up to 128bit password, set user permissions (to copy, modify, print, etc.), and so on.

However, don't activate the option if you plan to convert multiple files. The Advanced Setup dialog will pop up after each file processing. So if you have five documents, the dialog window will be displayed five times. This, however, can be solved by first converting one file and make the desired adjustment in the dialog. After that turn the option off and start to convert several files at once. The previous adjustment setting will be applied to all. Just remember not to close the application before you finish converting as it can't remember the configuration on exit.

RTF Convertor works under Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003.

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