Free Portable Font Viewer to Preview Installed/Uninstalled Fonts

Impressive. I like it instantly after a few seconds running it, and like it even more now after for some time using it.

The functions within are organized in such a way that makes you able to preview and compare installed and uninstalled fonts the way you want right away, perform some categorizations, add notes, read the fonts information, and display your separately located font collections in multiple panels yet still in one main window.

While you can view all the font variations at once, the ability to view only the selected fonts is great when you need to compare some fonts. You can select the fonts by simply highlighting them using Ctrl/Shift + mouse-click, or based on the type of the fonts.

The size of the fonts displayed can be adjusted by the slider. You can also add sample text as many as you like and delete the no longer necessary. In the fonts preview panel, you can quickly switch between them using drop-down list and create new text in real-time. The text's fonts and background's color themselves can optionally be changed as well.

The possibility to categorize any font you like into different unique groups is very helpful especially when you have different design-related projects requiring different perfect fonts for each.

The Font Thing -- free, Windows 95 / 98 / XP

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, April 1, 2008 At 1:24 PM - Permalink
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Anonymous sandra from germany Says:

Works great! Easy to manage and no spyware or useless crap.


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