Open & Read docx Without Any Microsoft Word Installed

Docx is the newest microsoft word file extension that isn't able to be opened without the presence of an additional tool. What if one of your colleagues send you an important file in docx format? Should you buy the Microsoft Word 2007 just to view and read it? Fortunately, you shouldn't, and you don't have to own any Microsoft Word version.

It is possible since the launching of Word 2007 Viewer by Microsoft. Word Viewer is a free helper for you to open and read docx even if you don't have any Microsoft Word installed in your computer. Note that you should also download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to be able to use it.

You should, however, know that it does have limitations. The docx file you open and read with it may lose some of its original formats due to the absence of some of the Microsoft Word 2007 features in Word Viewer. The docx document can't be edited, and you can't create a new one with it as well.

If the file is really crucial and include some formattings supported only by Microsoft Word 2007 and demand to be edited, I suggest you to buy it. Even if you convert it to other formats, there are still some document formattings that may not be supported.

The download link of Word 2007 Viewer can be found here.

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