Reduce JPEG Photo and Image Size By Compressing With JPEG Express

JPEG Express is a very handy tool when it comes the time to compress your JPEG and convert BMP pictures to JPEG to get the possible slimmest size while maintaining enough quality degree. The original and the modified are displayed side by side to easily watch the effect of each of the image adjustment.

The quality is adjusted by means of a slider. You are able to see instantly how the photo will be look like and how much its file size will be as you move the slider.

The strange thing: the preview screen can't be enlarged though the window itself can be maximized. However, by default the preview screen has relatively had reasonable size to effectively view and compare the photos.

Beside able to compare both images in detail part, they can be compared in full-screen to see how the difference takes place in the entirety. The other options let you to move the preview's focues to the center of the photos, and if you want to take a look of how the adjustment affect each photo you can double-click each to view it in full-screen single mode.

JPEG Express -- freeware, for Windows 95 / 98 / XP / NT / Vista

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