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MonkeySee is a unique site where you can show off your expertise or tell people how to do things in form of an interactive video of your own creation, and where you can search for a how-to video. The category it includes is virtually unlimited from parenting, personal finance, food and drink, mechanical, beauty and fashion, games, education and career, sports, and more. If your video doesn't fit any specific category, you can upload it to the "others" category.

Landing on the site's front page you can find many interesting tutorial videos as the featured and recommended ones are displayed first on the road. How to fry chicken, how to learn basic ballet, forward flip skateboard trick are some of the recommended videos when I was visiting the site.

As a visitor, you aren't required to register to view the videos. But of course there are some benefits you are missing when you're not a registered viewer such as the ability to bookmark your favorite videos and critique a disputable video.

If you're interested to upload a how-to video, find out the detail of supported video file formats in its technical standards for expert videos page. Besides being able to utilize this service as one of your effective personal or professional promotional tool, you have opportunity to earn big money by joining its Filmmaker program. However, a high skill and loads of experiences in producing videos is a must here. The amount you can make is ranging from $200 - $500 for the simplest videos and up to $2000 for more advanced videos. Interesting, isn't it?

Personally I love the minimalist sense of the design. Every aspect is well-placed so that you can find what you need easily. It doesn't cluttered with excessive ads.

Moreover, since registered users can flag a questionable video for the facts being presented within, and the video is then reviewed by the MonkeySee's reviewers, the quality standard of each how-to video is virtually preserved from time to time. So I think it is reasonable to search for a step-by-step tutorial video in this site first before using the search engines.

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