Error, Corrupt, Broken ZIP File? Recover It With Object Fix Zip

If you find any problem or error with any of your zip files that makes you unable to unzip it such as corrupt or not fully downloaded, CRC error, or partially damaged, try to repair it with Object Fix Zip.

Object Fix Zip is a freeware built specifically to handle all of these zip errors so you still have chance to recover the zipped files. The repair process is pretty simple as everything is processed in a wizard-style operation. All operations are completed in four steps only.

There are three actions you can select in the process: check for any data corruption and create a report, create a new zip archive while fixing/repairing the damaged, and extract the contents to a selected folder.

It is also possible to check the integrity or repair the corrupted of multiple zipped documents whether it is password protected or not. Object Fix Zip supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and any zip files created by any PkZIP and WinZIP compatible archiver software.

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