How to Get Free Domain .com With Your Desired Domain Name & Free Hosting - Totally Free!

Get free domain .com with any name you like and host it at no cost whatsoever! No registration fee, no bandwidth cost, not even maintenance cost, all are completely free! It sounds impossible, isn't it? It is just hard to believe when you heard it for the first time, but it is true. This is exactly what is being ofered by HyperWebEnable.

Ever want to have a blog under your own domain name for free? Then you definitely must join this service. There isn't any hidden cost here.

Or, ever want to build your own social networking site? create your own classified site like Craigslist?

Other unbelievable features you get are 1GB free web space, unlimited email IDs, dynamic pages powered by PHP and MySQL (unlimited database), unlimited bandwidth, a large number of templates, and possibility to have multiple websites.

All for free? Wow! Not to mention that you also get free scripts to create a blog, forum, wiki, content management, and you can even ask a specific script to be installed within your site.

According to its FAQ, every service it offers is completely free and it states furthermore that you will never ever spend even a dime forever in using any of its services.

There are a lot of flexibilities here as well. You can display your own ads to earn some money, instal any kind of your own script or widget, and if you already have your own domain name you can host it here for free. By the way, you can also convert your blogspot blog to your own domain name at no cost. Nice touch.

So, if everything is available for free, how HyperWebEnable covers all the costs? It places two banner ads and one text ad in your sites/blogs. The banners are placed at the top and bottom of the newest post or content you create, while the text ad is positioned at the bottom of the blog's page. You still have other strategical rooms for ads like header and sidebar. Another interesting feature here is the possibility for you to earn money by referring the service to your friends. $1 for each referral that uses their free services and you will be paid when you have reached $10 in your account.

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