How to Open/View PDF Files?

Many people still don't know how to open/view pdf files which is I'm sure that it is a too simple question to be asked for most of you.

Opening or viewing pdf files, just like other file formats, is only a matter of finding a program supporting this format. There are many pdf openers/viewers you can find on the web, but only some of them worth your attention and here only two that I'm going to show you.

The first is Adobe Reader. There are lots of complaints about how slow it loads, but this program is the only program that will display all pdf files correctly no matter how they are formatted. If you complain the same things about this pdf opener/viewer, you can read this post : Adobe Reader Too Slow? Make It Faster

The second is Sumatra PDF Portable. This free pdf opener/viewer has gained many compliments because of its speed in loading pdf documents. I like this program too and recommend it to you who want a fast pdf opener/viewer with small size.

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