Lost Taskbar In Windows?

Your taskbar could be lost because one of several reasons. If it is lost because of a crash, then you should read this one: Repair Disappeared Taskbar & Windows Explorer in Windows XP. But if it is lost because of an accidental tweaking or someone else changes some setting without your permission, then you should keep reading this post.

Okay, let's get to the point.

Place your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen where the taskbar originally exists. If you are able to see it, right-click it and choose the "properties" option. In "taskbar and start menu properties" window, make sure that the option "auto hide the taskbar" is unchecked and "keep the taskbar on top of other windows" is checked off.

If you can't see anything in your screen, not your taskbar nor other windows, it means there has been an error hits your system. Read this to fix it: Repair Disappeared Taskbar & Windows Explorer in Windows XP

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