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Rar is another kind of compressed files. Though Winrar, the program used to create rar files, isn't free, you can find huge rar files on the web. It is because a rar format offers a very efficient method in compressing files. You could download Winrar to test how good it is in compressing your files if you plan to create a rar file. But if you only need to unzip it, there is no need to buy it as there are many free programs that can do the unzipping.

Peazip is one of these programs. Besides unzipping rar files, it can open a lot of other kind of compressed formats like ACE, ARJ, CAB, DEB, ISO, LHA, RAR, RPM, and still many others. Besides the large number of compressed formats it supports, you will love the good looking of this free program.

Peazip is completely a free program to be downloaded and used, supporting Windows and Linux. If you like it and you want to put it in your usb, there is a portable version that you can freely download either. Download Peazip through this page.

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