Where to Find Free Software?

I've been posting about free software here since this blog was first created a year ago and there have been quite a lot of software sites under my monitoring. I read some of them daily through feed and visit some others daily if there is no feed available. Today, I'll let you know where I get these software.

Here you are the sources to find free software:

My top 4 free software sites:
  • Softpedia.com
  • Softpedia is a very fast updated software site. You can get many software updates every single day. To prove it, visit this page: win.softpedia.com. Make sure that you remember the first software appearing first on the list, then refresh the page after around five minutes. You will likely to find a new update.

  • SnapFiles.com
  • SnapFiles makes you easy to search only freeware or shareware. Each has its own categorization so you can find what you are looking for relatively fast. There is a search function as well. However, its software list isn't as many as Softpedia and the updates come slower.

  • FileForum.betanews.com
  • What I love the most about this one is its advanced search function. For example, I visit one of its specific category and use the search feature to find software that works only in certain OS like Windows XP or Mac OS X, licensed as freeware or shareware only, has a size of not less than 40 KB and not more than 40MB, has a good rating, and released in certain period.

  • All4you.dk
  • It contains only free software. There is a newsletter that lets you to get daily or weekly updates.

Other software sites I read daily:
Don't forget that you can get free software update in this blog, too :)

There are more in my list but it only fits to a collector. If you need only to find or get software, the 4 top software sites above are sufficient already.

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