Download YouTube Videos Without Installing Software

Youtube is probably the largest video sharing site at this moment due to the many videos that have been uploaded to the site. This motivates a large number of software developers to build a specific software to download Youtube videos easily. While many of them are just the same features packed within different skins, a few shows up with unique capabilities in their efforts to win the competition.

So, it seems that everywhere we could find another new Youtube video downloaders. The great news is most of them are free. I haven't found a portable Youtube video downloader, but I'm sure it exists somewhere. While a portable version could be a solution for you who hesitate to install more software on your computer, you can choose to use an online downloader instead. Some people prefer this way because they don't have to download anything. Simply open the site, copy the url of the videos, and start the download. While there are many online video downloaders, I regularly use keepvid. How about you?

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

check this our also -

Blogger Bryan C. Fleming Says:

I'be been using - Seems to work well enough for me. It does the downloading and converting in one step.

Keep vid is good but it doesn't do the conversion step - so it ends up being more work.

Just my 2 cents.

Good post.

Anonymous Zaxta Says:

@anonymous & bryan
Thanks for the alternatives! I'll check them out for sure and make a post for each if I like what I see:)


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