Typewriter Sound For Computer Keyboard

I love it! Clickey is a super tiny, free, simple, portable, and recommended software if you want to have typewriter sound every time you press your computer keyboard button or if you want to make sure that the button you click on an on-screen keyboard is pressed. You get up to 26 different sounds ranging from classic typewriter sound, beeps, boops, etc.

Double-click ClickKey.exe, set the volume for the sound, and you are ready. Changing the volume won't affect the global volume, so you can change it to any level without worrying if your Winamp sound gets affected. If you simply want to add the classic typewriter sound, then there will be no tweak you have to perform, but if you want to utilize all of this program features, then you should read the detailed guide on the developer's homepage.

The advanced features include associating its program with your own shortcut key to launch or disable it at a press of a key, adding your own sound for the computer keyboard strokes, making it automatically run every time Windows is started, and so on.

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