Free Blogger Templates: Where to Get Beautiful Templates

Some blogger templates are already provided by There is nothing wrong with them, but if you need a better look and on the other hand you are just too busy creating content or simply not knowing how to modify them, there are many free template designs you can choose and download.

Here I give you links where you can get many high-quality blogger templates. Some with comparatively AdSense optimal positioning, others come up with unique and catchy design, and some focused on simplicity but still have professional look and feel. In short, you will find that blogger templates can be modified to many absolutely beautiful and creative forms that some of you probably have never imagined before.

Here you are the links in no particular order:

1. Geckoandfly - some templates this site provides have fresh wordpress look.

2. FinalSense - this site has a collection of beautiful templates grouped into several categories such as 3-columns, computer, animal, music and dance, and others.

3. Free Templates - Isnaini has some 3 column blogspot templates that have relatively good placement of AdSense. You can also find here an instruction of how to use classic templates if you want to use one of them.

4. Blogger Templates - a collection of some nice templates from some designers.

5. Blogger Templates - you can find attractive and unique templates here that have popular-movie themes such as Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean.

6. BlogSkins - a vast array of templates (for blogspot, wordpress, movable type, xanga) contributed, commented, and rated by users.

7. Blogger Templates by Caz - Caz has made some creative blogger templates you can use and modify for free. Still, these templates are linkware; so you must keep Caz's link intact.

8. BlogCrowds - BlogCrowds claims to have the largest existing collection of new blogger templates. They are categorized into niche, web2.0, monochromatic, artistic, minimalistic, color-based theme (light, blue, dark, etc), 3 and 2 columns.

9. Create Blog - This is a place where many users give their best try to design good templates, and provide their helpful works to the public for free. Unlike most of others, you can display the templates based on the newest, oldest, most favorites, most views, most comments, or random.

10. Kaushal Sheth - Kaushal ported some arcsin templates to blogger. If you want a xml version for new blogger instead of a classic one, then go to here

11. Zeventina's Design - As far as I can see, most of her works are best for girls. If I were a girl, I would have used the Morning Bird Song template.

12. Template Panic - Give a look to this Mad for Mac template.

13. Pannasmontata Templates - And here is another recommended link for you who are seeking for unique design.

I have tried as best as I can to give links what I think are very good resources for free blogger templates; however, if you have different opinion or you just know a good link that I miss here, why don't you post it in the comment section to let us know?

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Run Each of Your Files Instantly with PStart

PStart is a perfect accompanion to Folder Guide and QTTabBar.

When you use it to access one of your files or folders with QTTabBar installed on your system, it opens the file/folder in a new tab. If you already use Folder Guide, I'm pretty sure you already know that Folder Guide can only work with folder and bring the destination folder to front in the same tab. Moreover, PStart goes beyond Folder Guide with its capability to make groups and sub-groups.

PStart doesn't integrate with context-menu like Folder Guide, but it can be accessed simply by pressing a hotkey that you can freely set by yourself, or by clicking the icon that resides in the tray. And the best thing of all is that you can apply each folder and file (including executable file or program) their own hotkeys.

License: Freeware
OS: 2000/XP
[ PStart ]

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Thousands of Free Photos Collection From My 12 Bookmarked Places

It is amazing to see how sometimes an image can make a big difference to a post, and influence the readers in many ways. With this sort of knowledge in mind, I've been hunting for free photo providers and I finally manage to come up with this list. I choose the free ones because they are especially a good resource for starters, and many of them have good quality as well. Some of these free photos can be used even on commercial environment, website templates, printed media, but others may not. Some can be used without crediting the photographers, without registration, but others may demand you to do so. Always check and read carefully the term of use or the licensing agreement before you start downloading images.

And here you are the list in no particular order:

1. Sxc.xchng


2. Creating Online

3. Morguefile


5. Photogen

6. Photocase




10. Everystockphoto


12. Yotophoto

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How to Totally Tweak Your Context-Menu

Many applications install themselves to context menu for quick access. For example, winamp adds several commands to explorer's context-menu, and they appear when you right-click over multimedia file formats it supports.

Some let you to hide or modify the additional menus, some not. If they don't let you, try Mmm. This Windows freeeware replaces your standard context-menu with a much more friendly one for its possibility to be fully modified.

With Mmm, you can completely hide the commands of context-menu of desktop, start-menu, and explorer (right pane) according to your liking, or move them to a sub-menu. It also gives a new skin with different colors. It is always nice to be able to control something that you can't before, with some little additional bonus.

OS: Windows XP only
[ Mmm ]

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Faster Access to Folder with Folder Guide

Folder Guide is a Windows free shell extension that allows you to group your favorite folders into a submenu of context-menu. This submenu can be accessed by right-clicking on explorer background, file and folder, desktop, common open/save dialog, and Start button.

You can simply add a folder by right clicking on it and select "Add to Folder Guide" command, and you can sort the list in alphabetic order. This is a handy utility you must have if you want to save time a little bit in crawling your thousand folders

OS: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
[ Folder Guide ]

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Tweak Your 'Open with' Context-Menu with Open Expert

Free Image Hosting at
Open Expert is a freeware that lets you to totally modify the items listed in 'open with' command.

After installing, right click a file and go to the 'open with'. You will see two new options that allow you to add any application to open the selected file format, and to manage the setting of the program itself.

It brings you freedom to add/remove programs for a single file format, or apply a program for all file types. Whether you want to have a streamlined or a fat list, that's definitely up to you now. It is also possible to sort the programs on the list, which is very helpful if you have a long one.

OS: Windows
Visit the website to get the newest version: [ Open Expert ]
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100 Tricks of Digital Photography and 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques


These two impressive free ebooks are definitely must read for anyone who want to learn how to produce astonishing digital photos. All the tips and tricks are easy to follow, accompanied by rich images to give visual explanation, and created by a professional photographer Gregory Georges with over 25 years experiences in photography.

Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

This ebook is divided into 10 chapters and contains around 213 pages full of digital photography techniques. Here you are some of the chapters.

Get Ready to Take Photos
Here you learn how to master your camera to get great photos, how to choose suitable image format, white balance method for color improvement, ISO setting to control the light sensitivity of your camera, etc.

Choose Good Light
This chapter covers techniques of when to shoot with built-in flash, how to pick a good light, portraits illuminating, adding natural light, silhouette a subject, red eye prevention, shoot in fog, etc.

And here you are the rest of the chapters: Control Exposure, Control Focus and Depth of Field, Take Better Photos, Try Creative Photo Techniques, Edit Images with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adjust Tonal Range and Correct Color with Photoshop Elements, Make Photographic Prints, and Complete Digital Photo Projects.

Visit and download Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques

Although the title includes the word "fast", actually this ebook provides decent information of proper methods in using your digital camera. The information is written in such a way that is scannable and easy to read and understand.

What can we learn from here? Read it to know how to determine your image quality, when to use automatic or creative exposure mode and f-stop or shutter speed, changing critical setting quickly, composing shots, uncover several misconceptions of exposure, how to use histogram, and many more.

Visit and download 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques

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17 Ways to Give Your Harddisk More Space

There are many things you can do to make your PC loads quicker and run faster. One of them is to give more free space to your hard disk. For this purpose, what we are used to do is only deleting unnecessary files and compress rarely opened ones. There are yet other alternatives that you may simply forget or just do not aware of.

The methods which are about to be covered are purposely for Windows user, but some can be applied to other operating system as well. All the free softwares I include here are Windows compatible.

1. Find and eliminate duplicate files - if you work with a lot of data everyday, there is a big chance you have duplicate files in your PC. Try to use Easy Duplicate Finder to solve this situation.

2. Use registry cleaner - all unused keys in your registry make system does everything slower and may cause errors. Download and install Wise Registry Cleaner to get registry as clean as possible.

3. Use online storage - you can use Gmail Drive for easy data transfer into your Gmail account from Windows explorer, or search other online storage services. There are lots of them available for free.

4. Use file cleaner application to get rid of any temporary files. CCleaner is a popular choice for this task.

5. Manage your installed softwares - uninstall any rarely used and install only applications with features that satisfy your daily need. You don't have to use a sophisticated word processor if your everyday need is only create simple document with a few format and layout styles. Look closer at the size of disk space consumed by each application as well.

6. Do you backup often? Then make your backup files compressed. If you want to do it automatically, use FileHamster. This freeware is able to create backup in compressed format. Compress other files that have rarely been opened as well. If possible, try to figure out which compression type (ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, or others) is best for each targetted file format.

7. Save to external storage media (CD, DVD, external hard disk, and the like).

8. Delete files which no longer needed.

9. Compress or delete all manual pages or help documentations that you think there is no use anymore to keep. Also remove other unnecessary files in every applications such as Readme files or internet shortcuts to the developer's sites.

10. Convert any multimedia and graphic files to more compressed formats. For example, from DV AVI into DivX or XviD.

11. Remove your standard wallpapers (if you already get really bored of them). Navigate to Windows, open Web folder, then Wallpaper. There you can find wallpapers listed in Display properties.

12. Reduce the amount of disk space used by System Restore for each drive.

13. Reduce the storage capacity of recycle bin or remove files immediately without moving into it.

14. Use NTFS instead of FAT file system.

15. Remove any unnecessary plug-ins within your installed softwares.

16. Remove themes or skins of desktop, winamp, or any installed softwares that you hardly use.

17. You can turn off the hibernation feature to release 128 MB of disk space if you want to.

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Saveday's Privacy Policy Statement

Saveday's Disclosure and Privacy Policy Statement is a personal blog dedicated for listing good websites, software, services, or other kind of products. Your privacy is our primary concern here. However, please remember that many of our advertisers here like Google Adsense use cookies to collect data in the ad serving process. does not have access to this data. You can personally configure the cookies acceptance behaviour of your browser to your own preferences. Please visit your browser's developer site for the information of how to configure your browser's cookies.

Other important thing you must know and remember is that our traffic reporting tool records IP addresses, referrer strings, browser types and the date and time pages are loaded, and other general information. We use this information in the aggregate only to measure the traffic to this blog and to find out which articles get the highest visits. This is not only good for us in creating great articles and other information, but also for advertisers in trying to get their products more exposure here, and for visitors as they can get the information they are specifically looking for.

Sometimes companies approach us to get their products or services more publicity here and we get some compensation for doing so. However, the compensated information is still worth reading. Besides software, our purpose of making this blog is to let you know where you can find specific websites for various services or products. You can then make a sort of comparation of services and decide which you think gives the best value.

There is a possibility that moves to another new name in the future. When it happens, the assets of this blog, including personal information, will likely be transferred to the new. frequently link to other blogs and sites. We are not responsible for the content or business practices of them. When you leave this blog we encourage you to read the destination blog/site’s privacy policy. This privacy statement applies solely to information published in this blog.

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